In times of increasingly complex change, you need a change management solution that will deliver results. Using twenty years of experience and research from thousands of change leaders, Prosci’s approach makes change management actionable and applicable. Whether you want to build your own skills or are looking for a partner to help you build an enterprise capability in change management, Prosci’s broad suite of offerings gives you the flexibility to tailor a change management solution that will meet your needs.

Prosci® is the world’s leading Change Management research and Training Company. Founded in 1994, it is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Prosci is the provider of change management tools and best practice reports, working with more than 7500 companies from 66 countries during the last 20 years, completed 11 research studies in change management. Prosci's popular ADKAR® model is used worldwide and Prosci's change management tools are provided in both electronic and hard-copy formats.

The name “Prosci®” represents “Professional” and “science” in the field of Change Management.
Today, over 3,500 organizations worldwide have adopted the ADKAR® Model of individual change and the Prosci® Change Management Methodology, to successfully manage the people side of change.

Prosci's customers include 80% of Fortune 100 companies. More than 60,000 certified in Prosci's methodology and more than 100,000 managers and consultants are registered with Prosci’s Change Management Learning Center. More information is at
Customers say they choose Prosci® for their change management approach because the methodology and tools are:

  • Research-based – Prosci’s change management materials utilize best practices research from more than 7500 end-users worldwide.
  • Holistic – Prosci’s best-of-the-best change model and structured process provide a comprehensive framework for managing change at all levels, from top-level executives to front-line employees.
  • Easy-to-use – Prosci’s tools, templates and checklists are easy to learn and easy to apply.

Prosci® is uniquely positioned to help your organization build internal competency in change management. We give you the knowledge, resources, processes and tools to achieve project success and build the competency to manage change.
Prosci® and the Change Management Learning Center offer the most comprehensive options for change management training. Prosci’s Change Management training teaches how to manage the human side of change in any business situation that involves any change regardless of the type or magnitude independent of any type of business.


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